Dario Cecchini

Panzanese, Panzano in Chianti, Italien


Via XX Luglio, 11                     
Panzano in Chianti (FI)

Teilnahmen am Rheingau Gourmet & Wein Festival


Dario Cecchini represents the eighth generation of a family of Chianti butchers.
He is a craftsman who seeks and promotes quality, ethics and respect for animals, who knows how to transform craft into art and thought into philosophy - with the same spirit that made Tuscany great during the Renaissance.

Dario lives and works in Panzano, Italy, a small town with just under a thousand inhabitants, in the heart of the Chianti wine region, halfway between Siena and Florence.

His world in Panzano is divided into several parts: the butcher shop and three restaurants, whose menus together, give respect to every part of the animal, from Musetto al Limone (made from muzzle and trotters), to Tenerumi in Insalata, a warm salad of boiled beef knees, to the well-known Bistecca alla Fiorentina.
In addition to his work in Panzano, over the years various collaborations have happened, including a restaurant "Carna by Dario Cecchini", at the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas, and Dubai.

Dario is sought by media around the world, interested in better understanding his ideas.  He walks a line between serious and silly, to succeed in transmitting his thoughts, bringing even the most skeptical a new perspective on the role of meat in our world today. Most recently, Dario was protagonist of an episode of Netflix’ Chef's Table, telling the journey that led him to be who he is today.