Guido Braeken**

Julemont, Wittem, Niederlande


2 Michelin Stars; Young Chef of the Year 2023 by Gault & Millau; 17 Points G&M


Wittemer Allee 3                          
6286AA Wittem

Teilnahmen am Rheingau Gourmet & Wein Festival


Guido Braeken is the chef of Julemont, an exquisite and contemporary restaurant located inside the luxurious and charming Château Wittem - a dreamy boutique hotel in the southeastern parts of the Netherlands. A very special property with a rich history that serves as a backdrop for a two Michelin-starred experience centred on unbeatable produce, intense flavours and a perfect balance between classic and modern dishes. The menu that Guido offers at Julemont has a very strong French classic base for him to get creative and play with ingredients and influences from other countries and cultures, like Asia or Latin America, to then put his own twist into things and achieve dishes that are clean but exciting at the same time.

Guido Braeken beim RG&WF 2024