Matteo Metullio** & Davide De Pra**

Harry's Piccolo, Trieste, Italien


2 Michelin Stars; 4 out of 5 hats L'Espresso Guide 2022; "Best Chef" prize from Identità Golose Guide 2022


Harry's Piccolo
Piazza Unitá D'Italia 2               
34121 Trieste

Teilnahmen am Rheingau Gourmet & Wein Festival

2024, 2023

Matteo Metullio and Davide De Pra met behind the stoves of the Restaurant “Alle Codole”, in Canale d’Agordo. They eventually take different paths and meet up again in 2013, when Matteo gets the offer to lead the kitchen of La Siriola in Alta Badia and asks Davide to be his right-hand man. In 2013, La Siriola confirmed the Michelin Star and in 2017 the second star arrived.

Both confident of the exceptional strength coming from their union, in 2018 Matteo and Davide decide to start a new shared project in the heart of Trieste: Harry’s Piccolo.
Soon, the Michelin Guide 2019 awards One Star to Harry’s Piccolo. The Second Star arrives in November 2020, confirmed also for the year 2022 when, in addition, the couple Metullio-De Pra receives 4 out of 5 hats in the “L’Espresso Guide” and the “Best Chef” prize from the Identità Golose Guide 2022.

Matteo Metullio & Davide De Pra beim RG&WF 2024