Clara & Elisabetta Geppetti

Fattoria Le Pupille, Grosseto, Italien


Fattoria Le Pupille
Piagge Del Maiano, 92 A               
58100 Grosseto (GR)

Teilnahmen am Rheingau Gourmet & Wein Festival


Everyone has always called them, Le Pupille, the two colonial houses on two gentle hills in Maremma.

In 1985 a young Elisabetta Geppetti decided to continue, working with the enologist Giacomo Tachis, the dream of Fredi, transforming the family farm in a modern wine estate.

Today Fattoria Le Pupille is absolutely considered an Ambassador of the Maremma, counting on the presence in 4 continents, 80 hectares of vineyards and an annual production of about 500.000 bottles.

Clara, Elisabetta’s eldest daughter, begun supporting her mother in leading Fattoria Le Pupille 7 years ago. Determined, smiling, dynamic and really passionate, she is the present and the future of the winery.

“This land is my choice of life, as making wine has always been my profession” – Elisabetta Geppetti

Fattoria Le Pupille beim RG&WF 2019